Diplomatic Communication

Photographic installation, 2012

Diplomatic Communication is a portrait series that was presented at the Tate Modern in London on May 18th, 2012. As part of the Civil Partnerships? Queer and Feminist Curating symposium, FAG (The Feminist Art Gallery) directors Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell hosted Axe Grinding Workshop — a “queer show-and-tell to fuel the power of the feminist kill joy.” For this series, I asked 10 black feminist/queer women involved in the arts to share their axes to grind. In the tradition of gifts exchanged between heads of state when on foreign visits, these photos served as ‘greetings from Toronto’ and were presented via a slideshow as a gift to the audience. Postcards listing the 10 participants were distributed to the audience at the end of the presentation.

Participants: Alison Duke, Camille Turner, Karen Miranda Augustine, Kim Katrin Crosby, Kyisha Williams, Maxine Bailey, Michelle Jacques, Naki Osutei, Renee Navarro, Samantha Blanchette