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On Queer

During the 2020-21 academic year, I will be serving as the inaugural Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies Artist-in-Residence at the University of Toronto. Over the course of this residency, I will be researching queer and feminist curatorial strategies as I publicly work towards realizing an upcoming exhibition of contemporary Canadian LGBTQ2S+ photography at Gallery TPW.

Documents, articles, notes, questions and reflections will be shared here over the next nine months.



〉September 1, 2020

First on the reading list: “How have queer issues, queer curators, and queer exhibitions at one and the same time both shaken the foundations of traditional curatorial practice, and found their potential for intervention papered over or silenced? How can queer desires continue to force the museum to evolve? What does queer change in the museum look like? This issue is an attempt to foster a dialogue about queer curating in a transnational frame.”

〉September 7, 2020

Full before I could register. A course from the Node Center for Curatorial Studies, taught by Sylvia Sadzinski: “This course gives an introduction to queer theories, queer art practices and to ongoing conversations about forms and methods of queer exhibition-making. Queer curating not only relates to a better representation of the diversity of gender and sexuality in collections and exhibitions, it also addresses how this can be achieved. Queer curating challenges the museum and exhibition as normalizing entities, where meanings are created and binary and heteronormative structures are reinforced.”

〉September 22, 2020

“Is it possible to identify a mode of curatorial practice that possesses a specifically queer orientation?”